Lextrea has an experienced team which is familiar with HANA S/4 FSCM/TREASURY/BANKING,                 so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge

We provide the answers to the client’s needs, covering every aspect of development and maintenance of FULL FSCM and to create policies and manuals

Why using HANA S/4 - FSCM, Treasury, Banking?

Many companies are often asking why SAP® should be preferred solution within treasury and FSCM departments. Here the advantages based on our direct experience:

Front Office

  • All types of finance instruments (Money Market, FOREX, Banking Loans, Securities, Derivatives, Commodities) are covered by SAP®
  • Typical trading platforms like FXALL, 360T, EUREX are connected
  • Integrated Hedge and Exposure Management

Middle Office

  • Settlement confirmations are sent via email or through SWIFT MT-Messages
  • Automatic matching of settlements using correspondence framework
  • Reporting can be easily run within ERP-environment, also with a SAP-BW-link
  • BPs, standing instructions are maintained easily in the same system
  • Credit-, Market Risk evaluation is integrated part of the solution
  • Credit Management allows connection of D&B, SCHUFA, Moody's, S&P scoring and limit calculations for sales orders

Back Office

  • Typical accounting procedures like accruals, postings, monthly P/L valuations of realized & unrealized movements can be easily executed
  • All legal requirements according to IFRS 13, 9, 7 are covered
  • Iintegrated parallel accounting according to IFRS/US-GAAP/Local GAAPs
  • SWIFT connectivity via BCM
  • Integrated Cash Management


  • Collection management helps collecting invoices using sophisticated strategies in a very efficient way
  • Dispute Management covers the life cycle of the disputed objects and is fully integrated within FI
  • Credit Management controls the sales process via evaluating of the customer’s score