Lextrea Treasury, Risk & Hedge Management
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Lextrea provides consulting services within treasury & risk operation areas.

We provide the whole service range in order to create new treasury organizations based on SAP®.  Analysis of customer requirements, blueprints, roll outs & project management completes our portfolio.

Taking user requirements into account we offer change management and implementation for treasury departments. Our consultants provide analysis, assessment and re-implementation of existing processes.

Following areas of SAP Treasury & Risk  are covered:

Treasury Audit /Review

-Case Study
-ROI Analysis of Treasury implementation

Front-, Middle-, Back offices

-Money Market
-Consumer & Mortgage Loans

Credit Management

-SCHUFA real time connection for SAP (SIML2, on line procedure)
- Credit Risk Analysis

Hedge Management

-Exposure Management of physical and finance positions
-IAS 39-, IFRS 9-Coverage, Effectiveness-tests;


-Parallel accounting according to IFRS, US-GAAP and local GAAPs
-Market Risk Analysis and MTM-Valuations

SAP Solution design

-Integration of SAP Treasury within New GL-Accounting , Inhouse-Cash & Cash  Management

* Technical information
-Following SAP Modules are supported: TRM, CFM, CML, BP, FND, Loans Management, Credit  Management, MRA, CRA, IHC, CM;

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